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Welcome to the new and updated TSG website!

Looking for web-based, real-time production automation solutions?

Our technologies specialize in web-based technical applications.

TSG solutions are diverse...we will create the perfect solution for your business needs!

Who We Are



We work closely with you to understand your business and its hurdles. Our solutions stem from a finely honed analytical process and expertise in progressive technologies.

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We have developed a diverse, unique, and valuable core set of competencies around high-speed data collection, verification and analysis for real-time technical applications.

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We continually strive to provide the highest level of support for our software solutions. It is because software is our business that we feel that it's our responsiblity to help with what we know best!

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Our clients range from large, publically traded ones to smaller privately held companies--from customized ballot printing software to automated schoolbook production.

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Why TSG?

For us it's about the solution that fits the processes

Our success is measured by our client's success

Our clients’ requirements are vast and unique; therefore, our solutions cannot be one size fits all. Our approach must be different. This is what sets TSG apart from our competition. We begin by listening and helping to identify the problem, its source, and your desired outcome. We look at the business applications and processes from the desired outcome perspective. Looking at it this way allows us to collectively strategize and define the solution—often times we find that the originally identified “problem” really isn’t the problem! For this reason, the key part of our strategic automation plan is to understand thoroughly the requirements and the processes involved.

Production Automation

It's all about production automation

A real-time view into your production processes

Clients choose TSG because our solutions extend far beyond any off-the-shelf product and encompass all phases of production tracking and quality-control automation. Our expertise started with machine controllers and database manipulation and integration. As our client’s needs have evolved, so too has our range of offerings and expertise. Read some of our case studies to get a better understanding of the level of production automation we have provided to our clients and the benefits realized by each solution.

The TSG Concept--How is it different?

The theory behind our approach

For us, it's about the solution ...

TSG’s concept can be configured to create a solution for your specific need. Its modularity allows for custom formatting and sequencing…with endless possibilities. We can develop custom modules to integrate with a modular system when requirements extend beyond current modular configurations. Our solutions are leveraged across the entire enterprise, making them more than just “point” solutions. Scalability and reliability are omnipresent when TSG designs a solution. Our goal is to provide the best solution with recognizable returns on investment.

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